Finding a new path in life takes love and work

We hope this site will help give you a place to practice some of the cognitive and speech skills  that you will need.  Some of them you can do right here on this site and others we will try to point you to and help you, your family and friends remember to access them and do them on other platforms.

It's All About You

We are here to help you relearn what you want to relearn.
Retrain your brain2

You have had such a miraculous beginning to your recovery and are making consistent progress.  Your family and friends love you and want to be of help.  How you use that help is up to you.  Let us know what you want us to do.  Your Heavenly Father is watching over you with His loving care every step of the way.

Featured Activities
Getting Started Activities for Family and Helpers

Explore to your hearts content.  If there isn’t enough to choose from let us know and we will try some new ideas in each catagory.  

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