Mouth Exercises To Do

This whole series is good but there are so many that it is sometimes hard to choose.  Repeated below are some of the ones that are available to copy.  Others that are not able to be copied can be viewed here. 

This is a series of 15 minutes worth of exercises that are helpful for strengthening the tongue and lips for various specific sounds.

Work on tongue control for T, D, N, L in this short 2.08 video

Work on TH pronunciation.

Work on OO pronunciation.

Work on W pronunciation.

Work on LA GA pronunciation.

Work on LA GA pronunciation with LA GA words.

Clicking the above link takes you to a website that details various exercises for paralyzed arms.  Make sure that there is not pain and only do the exercises that are at the beginning of the page.  Level 1 first two exercises.  You can watch the video but until you have done something like the cane exercise with your physical therapist don’t try this on you own.

The site that this link is taking you to is promoting products.  We are not suggesting or involved with any of those and are only trying to give you some self directed exercises that you can do on your own with a helper.

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